Drone Entertainment

Drone Entertainment

Drones - Entertainment Unlike Anything Else

Our software has been in development for the past year and a half and it's now ready to debut! Currently, we are looking for a select few partners to work with us and our new drone control capabilities. Leveraging our software and drone expertise, together, we will impress your clients with state-of-the-art drone displays that no other company can offer.

When you are ready to bring your performance to the next level of cutting edge, please reach out to tony@vergeaero.com - we will set up a 20 minute call to see how we can help you to amaze your clients!

Who is Verge Aero

We’re so glad you asked. We are technology enthusiasts who, like you, strive to amaze, entertain, and inspire. We are veterans of engineering behemoths Boeing and Lockheed Martin where we built state of the art drones and control systems for the military. Leaving the defense industry behind in 2014, we founded Verge Aero to pursue the new and extremely exciting world of commercial drones. We found that people are amazed anytime they see a drone in flight - we used that insight to start building a system so we can entertain with drones. Our belief in drones as entertainment lead us to partner with Bionic League, a Los Angeles based lighting and production company, to create world's most complete drone performance software for use both indoors and outdoors. Our drone performance software is highly interactive and customizable, and equally effective for use with swarms of hundreds of drones as with a single drone.

It’s no secret that drones are an increasingly hot commodity across industries.  Companies like Intel, Qualcomm, Lexus, Infiniti, Pepsi, and many more continue to invest in drones for marketing to depict themselves as cutting-edge, world leading brands in technology. Shows like America’s Got Talent and Cirque du Soleil have received incredible press and millions of views combined by leveraging drones. Aside from marketing, ESPN and others have already started investing heavily in drones as an emerging sport and a standalone entertainment/advertising platform for the future. Its unmistakable now that drones will be an integral tool for promoting brands, attracting advertisers, and driving impressions. Now is the time to start exploring how this new, exciting technology can be leveraged to take your brands to new heights!

Verge Aero offers a full service solution for designing drone performances, starting with working closely with you to sell a concept to your client, designing the concept, testing, and deploying. We will provide you with designers for the show, expert drone engineers to answer any and all of you and/or your client’s drone related questions, and operators onsite for deployment.

In the meantime, please take a minute to read the rest of this post so you can check out what we’ve accomplished and what our new technology can provide. The system is in continuous development, and with your help, you can guide us to design exactly what your clients are demanding!

Repeatable and Reliable Paths

Piloting a drone is hard, but making that drone repeat maneuvers time and time again is nearly impossible with a pilot. Our drone performance technology uses computer automation to fly drones, so it's not only possible to fly the same maneuver over and over again, but we can fly dozens of drones at the same time - something a team of pilots could never accomplish.

By letting our technology do all of the hard work, Verge Aero reduces the cost of flying drones for entertainment because we no longer need to hire multiple pilots. But, more importantly, you know that the performance will be executed exactly as designed - repeatedly and reliably.

Flexibility and Customizability in Design and Execution

Every client will want something different to promote their brand or create a unique and memorable display. Verge Aero offers extreme flexibility when designing and iterating with your customer to produce the drone performance that they require. We are able to design and simulate an entire performance in high quality 3D before any drones take flight. You’ll be able to share interactive 3D environments of the entire drone performance with your clients so you can iterate quickly and inexpensively until your clients get exactly what they are looking for.

The software has been built from the ground up be ‘hardware agnostic’, meaning it is able   control a wide range of drone types rather than merely a swarm of the identical drones. We can include ground robots, small quadrotors, large octarotors, and everything in between into your performance. If needed, we can even build a custom drone or add custom devices (like lasers and spotlights) to our drones to meet your client’s requirements!

Real-Time Drone Interactions

Verge Aero leads the industry in interactability with the drones in real time. In other words, we dynamically change the drones’ reactions and flight plans in real time to interact with human actors, moving objects, spectators, etc. With our software, your drones can become reactive to their environment, and the limitations removed by this added level of control opens up a new level of creative freedom for you and your clients.

Powerful Integration into Existing Lighting Platforms

One of the most powerful features of our software is the ability to integrate into existing entertainment solutions. For example, our software effortlessly integrates into  stage lighting consoles so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel by altering your current preferred entertainment platform. We also  have the capacity to visualize and record lighting cues directly into our 3D environment, allowing you to see exactly how a performance will look before we take flight!

Let’s Design Something Amazing!

Verge Aero provides the only state-of-the-art automated drone performance with full integration into your existing entertainment systems, dynamic interactions with actors and audience, and scalable choreography platform. Now is the time to start exploring how this new, exciting technology can be leveraged to take your brands to new heights!  Let’s see how we can work together today: contact tony@vergeaero.com to set up a 20 minute call and see if we are a good fit into your arsenal of marketing tools!